I was born in Belgrade, Serbia to a Czech mother and a Serbian father, but later moved around, living in the US and Prague, Czech Republic for a while, before anchoring myself for a good while in the UK. The first place I felt truly settled and at home, which in many ways it still is, was in London, though since 2007 I have been based in Berlin.  I feel all of the places that I lived in and my family background play an important role in my personal narrative and I think all the languages that I speak have an impact on my storytelling.
Though I believe that we are a sum of all our experiences as well as experiences we carry in our genes I believe that we are the architects of our own success and I am interested in overcoming perceived limitations, be it physical or psychological. I also believe in challenging social prejudice and the unlikely characters’ journey to success.
What I mostly write about is the human condition and things that I observe around me, just the same as the photographs that I take, trying to capture the beauty of the ordinary.

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